Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Nurse Rx provide our clients with with virtual medical assistants, virtual medical scribes, virtual medical receptionist & virtual medical coders.

Our Virtual Nurse Rx Virtual Assistants are trained and have experience with working with a variety of medical specialties and EMR/EHRs.

All of our medical  and healthcare virtual assistants, virtual medical coders, virtual medical billers and virtual medical scribes are highly vetted and go through continual training to ensure proficiency.

The integrity & security of your patient’s and medical office data is absolutely paramount to Virtual Nurse RX.

HIPAA Compliance, Data Protection, And Healthcare Cybersecurity On A Unified Platform

HIPAA is designed to facilitate the efficient flow of healthcare data and to protect patient’s Protected Health Information (PHI). Law necessitates that CSOs, CIOs, and security officers be ever vigilant in guarding protected health information.

While there are many ways data breaches occur, the most common cause of PHI breaches is people not following proper procedures. Our provider has been helping thousands of organizations protect their PII, PFI, PHI, and other sensitive data.

This healthcare data security system is built on these years of experience and expertise. Our provider’s healthcare cybersecurity system includes:

  • Data loss prevention
  • User activity monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Forensics platform

Our provider handles all of the complex healthcare cybersecurity issues, and privacy concerns faced today.