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General Administrative Medical Virtual Assistant

Our general administrative virtual assistants can be the perfect addition to your team. While these are virtual medical assistant professionals, they’re also REAL registered nurses! These experts have been working in the medical field for years, and they understand what it takes to effectively care for patients.

Finding You a Qualified Administrative Assistant RN

As a doctor or therapist, your schedule may be packed. From answering phone calls to uploading documents into the EMR system, completing all administrative tasks can be a massive challenge. Here at Virtual Nurse Rx, we want to take the weight off your shoulders. As it can sometimes take doctors 2-3 hours for administrative duties in a single day, we’re here to relieve the stress. Our registered nurse virtual administrative assistants can help your practice succeed.


Duties of a General Administrative Virtual Assistant RN

A general administrative assistant can take your medical practice to new heights. However, hiring an in-house position may not make sense for your office. From recruiting and training to paying a salary and offering amenities, hiring an in-house team member can be expensive. When you choose Virtual Nurse Rx, you’ll receive a qualified registered nurse who specializes in working with Medical and Mental professionals for the same price as a regular virtual assistant. Not only are these professionals cost-effective, but they can also significantly improve the patient experience.

medical records


insurance eligibility


billing tasks


Refers patients
to specialists


patient information


Manages medical
and office supplies


Hires and trains
team members


payroll duties


your EMR system


Completes other
admin tasks as needed


Benefits of a General Admin Virtual Assistant RN

By hiring a general administrative assistant registered nurse, the organization of your practice can drastically improve. In fact, you may notice an immediate improvement.
But that’s not all—a virtual medical assistant professional can also bring the following advantages:

General Admin Virtual Assistant


When phone calls aren’t answered and patients can’t get an appointment scheduled, this can be detrimental to your practice. When you hire a virtual assistant registered nurse, your efficiency and productivity can instantly improve.


When your employees wear many hats, this can greatly impact how your practice operates. The added stress and busy schedules can lead to many organizational deficiencies, which can cause problems throughout the office. Our virtual admin assistant RNs are here to handle a wide variety of administrative duties, relieving the hefty burden on your team.

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