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Medical Coder/Medical Biller Virtual Assistant

Looking for an AAPC Certified (American Academy of Professional Coders) medical coder/medical biller? If so, Virtual Nurse RX has the professionals you can trust. Our virtual assistants can manage, assign, and sequence medical codes with ease. These experts can also effectively handle billing management duties.

Find Your AAPC Certified Medical Coder/Medical Biller Today

Our general administrative virtual assistants can be the perfect addition to your team. While these are virtual medical assistant professionals, they’re also REAL U.S.-registered nurses! These experts have been working in the medical field for years, and they understand what it takes to effectively care for patients.

Role of an AAPC Certified Medical/Biller Virtual Assistant RN

A medical coder/biller is a vital asset to your team. As all of the tasks above are very time-consuming, you need the support you can depend on. Virtual Nurse RX is happy to have some of the best medical coders and billers in the industry. With years of experience in the field, our U.S. registered nurses can boost efficiency at your practice and improve the patient experience.

Analyzes documentation and medical records


Finds documentation


Sequences all codes
for services rendered


chart audits


medical codes


insurance verification


Deals with
insurance companies


Responds to patient
and insurance inquiries


Adds and updates info
in your EMR system


Creates patient
payment plans


Follows up on
unpaid medical claims


Why Choose Virtual Nurse RX?

When you choose Virtual Nurse RX for a qualified virtual medical assistant, we’ll work tirelessly to find you an experienced registered nurse that’s best suited for your needs. When you get started with us, we’ll ask about what qualities you look for in a medical coder/biller. From there, we’ll match you up with a skilled, knowledgeable, and dependable virtual medical assistant. Here are even more benefits of choosing Virtual Nurse RX:

Level Training

Our virtual assistant professionals are already incredible nurses, but we provide even more training to ensure they’re ready to help your practice thrive.

Patient Care

As a doctor, your goal is to provide an unbeatable patient experience. However, a busy schedule can get in the way. With the help of a medical coder/medical biller virtual assistant RN, they can take several tasks off your plate—leading to exceptional patient care.

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