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Telephone Triage Virtual Assistant

Our telephone triage virtual assistant professionals can be the perfect asset to your team. From answering questions to solving your patient’s needs, these virtual assistants can transform your practice. Here at Virtual Nurse RX, all of our virtual assistants are REAL, U.S.-registered nurses! These professionals understand how to provide top-notch care.
Telephone Triage Virtual Assistant

Working with a Telephone Triage Virtual Assistant Nurse

Here at Virtual Nurse RX, our nurses can integrate seamlessly with your team. In fact, patients will think they’re speaking to someone working in your office. Our virtual assistants understand medical terminology, know which treatments work best, and understand how to provide exceptional patient care.

Role of a Telephone Triage Virtual Assistant

With the help of Teramind, we make sure your practice stays focused on what matters most—taking care of patients. Rather than hiring virtual assistants with no security measures in place, choose a provider that considers data security as a top priority—Virtual Nurse RX!

Provides comprehensive
patient assessments


Answers phone calls
and recommends appropriate care


Assesses a patient’s condition and medical history


Ensures accurate
note-taking and documentation


Gathers necessary patient information


Telephone Triage Virtual Assistant Nurse

and Efficient

As a medical practice, your goal is to provide the best care possible for your patients. But if you’re forced to answer phone calls, take notes, and assess a patient’s condition over the phone, this can cause some inefficiency. In order to provide exceptional patient care, you need a qualified team of industry professionals.

Here at Virtual Nurse RX, we can find you an experienced nurse with the knowledge and dependability you can trust. This can help you stay efficient and focused on what matters most—your patients. Furthermore, hiring a virtual assistant RN from Virtual Nurse RX is also very cost-effective. In fact, you can get a U.S.-registered nurse virtual assistant for the same price as a regular VA.

and Efficient

If you choose another virtual assistant provider, chances are you won’t be working with actual medical professionals. But here at Virtual Nurse RX, our virtual assistants are real U.S.-registered nurses. These virtual medical assistant experts have the experience you can trust in a medical setting, and they know how to speak with patients. Rather than wasting time with other virtual assistants, Virtual Nurse RX provides you with qualified nurses—some with decades of experience in the field.

Telephone Triage for Medical Assistants

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